In CoreBridge, tax groups are used to charge the appropriate tax on an order or estimate.  When changes are made to an existing tax group, warning messages & icons tell users to update the tax group on existing Work in Progress order.  If an order is using an 'out of date' Tax Group, you must update the tax group to allow the order status to be moved into Completed Status. 

This article will cover the following topics:

This article focuses on updating sales taxes. For information on how to initially set up sale taxes, please refer to Creating Tax Agencies and Creating Tax Groups.

Updating Sales Tax Overall

Tax groups can be changed in two ways.  First, by updating an existing tax group to include new or updated tax agencies or by deactivating an existing tax group. 

Updating a Tax Group:

  1. To update your Tax group, navigate to Management Module > Locations > Manage Location.
  2. Select the location.

  3. Select the Tax Groups tab.
  4. Select the Group Name you wish to change.

  5. Here you can check or uncheck the appropriate tax agencies to be used in this Tax Group. 
  6. Click Submit. 

  7. You could also click Deactivate to make this tax group no longer available in your system. 

Updating a Tax Agency:

  1. Navigate to Management Module > Locations > Manage Tax Agencies.
  2. Click on the Tax Agency that needs to be updated.

  3. Enter the new Sales Tax Rate.
  4. Click Save Agency.

CoreBridge will now use the new tax rate on all new or cloned orders. 

Any existing estimates or orders will be using a tax group renamed to "old_Tax Group" where "Tax Group" is the name of the old tax group, and it will be differentiated on any applicable reports.

Updating an Existing Estimate/Order to the New Sales Tax

In the Sales Module, if the tax group or agency assigned to the order has been updated in any way, an icon will appear in the Order Totals area of the Order View Screen of the order. 

When you hover over the icon, you will see the following message, "The tax group assigned to this order is out of date.  Edit the order to update to the newest version. "

    NOTE: Orders with an out of date tax group can not be moved into a Completed or Closed status. 


On this order, the warning icon indicates the tax needs to be updated. If you attempt to change the Order Status to completed, the system will notify you with a product Status Update:  This order is using an Inactive Tax Group and cannot be marked Completed until the Order is Edited and the Tax Group is updated.   You will need to edit the order, and update the tax group.

Updating the Tax on an Order:

  1. Click Edit Order.

  2. On Step 2, you will see a warning message "Tax Group Used in the current order is Inactive and was updated."  This informs you that the tax group on this order have been updated based on the changes which were made on the tax group, and that your tax amount has now been recalculated based on the updated tax group.
    • If you happen to deactivate a tax group which has been used on an order, the system will automatically reassign the tax group on the order to the default tax group based on the Sales Center Location of the order. 

  3. Be sure to save the order on Step 3 once you have completed any other edits. 

  4. Once the order has saved, you will no longer see the warning icon.

Updating Tax on the Customer Level:

  1. Navigate to the customer record you wish to update.
  2. Click on the Information tab.
  3. Click Update Details.

  4. Select the appropriate tax group for this customer. 
  5. Click Update.  This will update the customer tax group for all new estimates and orders.