Sales tax rates charged to customers are controlled by the Tax agencies and groups. Tax Agencies are the separate local, state, or federal agencies you pay sales taxes to. This article focuses on updating sales taxes. For information on how to initially set up sale taxes, please refer to Creating Tax Agencies and Creating Tax Groups.

Updating Sales Tax:

  1. Navigate to Management Module > Locations > Manage Tax Agencies.
  2. Click on the Tax Agency that needs to be updated.

  3. Enter the new Sales Tax Rate.
  4. Click Save Agency.

CoreBridge will now use the new tax rate on all new or cloned orders. 

Any existing estimates or orders will be using a tax group renamed to "old_Tax Group" where "Tax Group" is the name of the old tax group, and it will be differentiated on any applicable reports.

Updating an existing estimate/order to the new tax rate:

  1. Open the estimate/order in the Sales Module.
  2. Click Edit Order (or Estimate).

  3. Navigate to Step 1.
  4. Select the Tax Group from the dropdown menu.

  5. Navigate to Step 3.
  6. Enter a Reason for Editing.
  7. Click Save Order (or Estimate).