File Upload in Ecommerce allows customers to upload their files when selecting products for purchase in Ecommerce.  

This article contains the following topics:

Enabling File Upload

File Upload must be enabled on the Storefront level and the Product level from the admin panel in Ecommerce. 

  1. Navigate to Admin Panel > StoreFronts.
  2. Select a Storefront.

  3. Navigate to the General tab.
  4. Check the Enable File Uploads box.
  5. Click Save Changes.

  6. Navigate to Admin Panel > Products.  
  7. Select a Product.

  8. Navigate to the General tab.

  9. Scroll down and check the Enable file upload for this product box.  
  10. Click Save Changes.

    NOTE: File Upload must be enabled on BOTH the Storefront and Product level. 

Using File Upload

Once enabled, customers will be able to upload files for products on the Storefront. 

  1. Navigate to a Product's page on the Storefront.
  2. Products with file upload enabled will display the File Upload button. Customers have two options to select files.
    • Drag and drop.
    • Click on the file upload button and grab files.

  3. Successfully added products will display on the product view page.
  4. Click Add to Cart.

  5. Review and manage files before completing the purchase. Uploaded files can be removed, uploaded, or deleted from the following screens.
    • (A) Shopping Cart

    • (B) Checkout

  6. Files uploaded by the customer will be located in the File Management folder on the Product's view page when the order syncs over to CoreBridge.

        NOTE: The file upload functionality requires having File Management enabled in your CoreBridge Management 
       System. For more information, please refer to the File Management article.