Carrier Shipping Rates allow live shipping rates to be calculated during customer checkout based on your XPS account. For more information on XPS, please refer to the XPS Ship - CoreBridge's Integrated Shipping Provider article.

This article contains the following topics:

Shipping will be calculated using the weight of shipping boxes and the shipping address. To ensure that shipping will be calculated correctly, carrier rules must be set under Shipping Methods, shipping boxes must be created, and individual products must be enabled to use carrier rates. 

In order to use carrier rate shipping, you must have an active integration with XPS. If you have more than one location in CoreBridge, you must have an XPS integration for each location. For more information on XPS, please refer to the XPS Ship - CoreBridge's Integrated Shipping Provider article.

Carrier Rate Shipping Rules

Enabling Carrier Rate Shipping:

  1. Navigate to Admin Panel > Settings > Shipping Methods.
  2. Select a current shipping method to update.

  3. For Destination Country select United States. Destination Country must be set to United States in order to use Carrier Shipping.
  4. Click Save Changes.

  5. Navigate to the Shipping Rules tab.
  6. Select the Carrier Type.  
        NOTE:  Carrier type chosen must match a carrier available through your XPS account.
  7. Select the Service Type. 
  8. Select the Insurance Option.
    • (A) No Insurance - Optional:  Insurance is not included by default. Customers have the option to add it during checkout.

    • (B) Include Insurance - Optional:  Insurance will be included by default. Customers can deselect insurance during checkout.

  9. Click Save Changes.

Shipping Boxes

Adding Shipping Boxes:

  1. Navigate to Admin Panel > Settings > Shipping Boxes.
  2. Click +New Shipping Box.

  3. Enter a Display Name for the box. This name must be unique. 
  4. Define the length of the box.
  5. Define the width of the box.
  6. Define the height of the box.
        NOTE:  Different carriers have different restrictions for shipping boxes.  
  7. Enter the Box Weight. This should be the weight of the box itself. 
  8. Define the Maximum Weight the box can hold.
  9. Define the direction of the corrugated flutes on the sidewall of the box.
  10. Select a Storefront or All Storefronts for which this option is available.  
  11. Check Active to make this shipping box available.  
  12. Click Save Changes.

Enabling Carrier Shipping for Products

Enabling Carrier Shipping for Products:

  1. Navigate to Admin Panel > Products.
  2. Select a Product.

  3. Select the General Tab.
  4. Enter the Product's Width, Height, Length, and Weight.
        NOTE:  The Product Attributes MUST be filled in completely in order to use carrier based shipping.
  5. Select Carrier Rate under Shipping Rule.
  6. Click Save Changes.