This article provides details about the available export options.

Determining Your Export Type

1. Supported Options

Use the charts in this article to determine what export options are available for your accounting software. LINK: Accounting Export Options

2. Determine your preferred export type

The articles noted for each type will provide details to help you decide. If you have any questions please contact CoreBridge support.

Lump Sync

This method provides your CoreBridge financial data in journal entry format. The end result is approximately 20-25 journal entries per month.

All CoreBridge subscriptions come with Lump Sync. 

Full Sync

This method provides your CoreBridge financial data in transaction format. The end result is 100's or maybe 1000's of transactions per month.

Full Sync requires a higher-level subscription than the base subscription. If you want to use Full Sync and do not know not if your subscription provides that option please contact your sales person or CoreBridge support.

Setup Instructions for the data export

If you need more information to help you decide which option to use, these are links to the setup steps that you or your accountant will need to perform before syncing data to your accounting software. Lump Sync is the easiest method to set up and maintain.

Don't follow the setup instructions at this time. These are for reference only to help determine your export type. Once that is determined a support agent will need to set your system for your preferred type and will then send the appropriate instructions.