1.  To create a Vendor Purchase Order that is tied directly to an invoice, click on the invoice number you need.

Note:  If you do not have the Purchasing Module—listed in the module selector—you will not be able to create Vendor POs. If you would like to add this feature, please contact support@corebridge.net.

2.  Next, click on the Vendor Purchase Order tab then click the Create Vendor Purchase Order button which will open a new window listing all products and parts that you have entered on the order.

3.  Select entire products, or parts within a product, that you wish to include in the purchase order, then click Next.

4.  Enter the name of the vendor you need and select it from the dropdown menu. You can also click the magnifying glass to search for a vendor or click the + button to add a new vendor to your system. 

5.  If you have a single center, your location will be selected automatically. If you have multiple centers, select the location you need from the dropdown menu. By default, the Ship To address is your center’s address as entered in the Management Module. You will have the option to select an alternate shipping address if needed. 

6.  To send the items on your order to the customer directly, check the box next to Drop Ship this Purchase Order. 

7.  Here you can enter a description for this purchase order, select the date on which you want the products from your vendor to arrive, and enter the freight amount. 

If you don’t know the amount, enter 0.00. Remember, an amount is required in this field so you cannot leave it blank. 

You can also enter any additional notes that you want to appear on the purchase order.

8.  This area will display the products or parts you selected to be included on the purchase order. You can adjust or enter additional item information as needed. 

If the vendor pricing information has been entered on this part, under the Associate Vendor section, it will automatically appear here. If the vendor’s price has not been associated with this part, the rate will be zero, and you can manually enter the vendor’s quoted rate.

9.  To review how to associate parts with vendors, see the Associating Parts to Vendors guide in the Help Tab.

10.  To add parts that are not included on the original order, but exist in the Management Module, click + Add New.

By selecting + Add Custom, an additional line item will appear where you can manually enter the part information on the purchase order. 

11.  Click the red X to remove any item from the purchase order if needed. Review your information and click Save to create the purchase order. 

12.  Once a purchase order has been created, the Vendor Purchase Order tab will remain bold on the order view page. You can update the status of a purchase order to indicate if it has been assigned, if feedback has been sent, if it has been completed, or if it has been voided. 

13.  Your purchase order will receive the same number as the order but with the PO prefix instead of the INV prefix. 

You can create multiple purchase orders on an invoice by clicking on the Create Vendor Purchase Order button again. 

Note:  If you are ordering from multiple vendors on the same order, we recommend creating separate POs for each vendor. 

You can also print or email a pdf of the purchase order by clicking on the Print PO and Email PO links. 

14.  In addition to viewing your purchase order here from the order view page, you can navigate to the Purchasing Module to see a list of all the POs created in your system.

15.  Use the Search box to narrow your results or select from the Status dropdown to filter by status. You can click on a plus sign to review the purchase order details, make edits, print, or email the purchase order. 

16.  You can also click on the PO number to navigate directly to the purchase order. Click on the Vendor Name to navigate to the vendor information page where you can update your vendor’s contact information and other details.