Each month CoreBridge publishes a training video to highlight a specific topic or feature. These videos will automatically pop-up within your CoreBridge System on the 1st Monday of each month. Below is a list of the videos that have been released if you need to review any of them as a refresher or would like to share them with new people that recently joined your team.

Training Videos

Tip: Click the full screen iconto expand the size of the video.

Customer Communication and Email Overviews

Learn about customizing the content of automated emails, using placeholders, and more.

To learn more about Customer Communication features within CoreBridge click here

Efficiency Tips and Tricks

Learn about how to more efficiently navigate the system, search and enter orders and more.

To learn more about other efficiency tips and tricks within CoreBridge click here.  

Workflow Efficiency 

Learn more about workflow management efficiency. 

To learn more about workflow management within CoreBridge click here.  


Learn more about managing modifiers in your system.

To learn more about modifiers click here.

Advanced Modifiers

Watch an example of an advanced modifier in the system.

To learn more about advance modifiers click here.

Customer Portal

Learn more about the Customer Portal.

Destinations Training

Learn about the Destinations Feature and XPS integration.


Learn more about the Reporting capabilities in CoreBridge.


Learn the many ways to enter Payments in your CoreBridge system.


Learn more about setting up Alert notifications which can be set up in your system.

Accessing Support and Training

Learn more about how to access Support and Training for your CoreBridge system.