This article provides details about using the Detail Sync export method with QuickBooks online and what impact Inventory items have.


Every new CoreBridge system comes pre-built with several Parts and Modifiers so that you don't have to create them from scratch. You are free to create new ones to suit your needs. Each Part and Modifier can be set to one of three types:

  • Inventoried Part
  • Non-Inventoried Part
  • Service Item

When your CoreBridge Parts and Modifiers sync to QuickBooks Online, they become what QuickBooks calls "Products and Services". The type in CoreBridge must be the equivalent type in QuickBooks. There are several types of Products and Services in QuickBooks that match the types in CoreBridge:

  • Inventory
  • Non-Inventory
  • Service

Please refer to the chart for type comparison.


Inventoried Part


Non-Inventoried Part


Service Item


The type that is of most concern is "Inventoried Part".

Inventory products are intended to have Quantity On Hand amounts. When you receive an item the quantity goes up and when you sell an item the quantity goes down. See the following example:

  • QuickBooks is new with no transactions.
  • In CoreBridge, you sell one of a part named "Banner". "Banner" is type Inventoried Part.
  • The CoreBridge invoice syncs to QuickBooks.
  • The Quantity on Hand in QuickBooks for "Banner" goes from "0" to "-1".
  • If you aren't tracking inventory in QuickBooks, you won't be receiving that inventory so the Quantity on Hand keeps doing down for each sale and never goes up.


Determine if your version has the Track Inventory Feature:

If your version of QuickBooks has the Track Inventory feature:

  • Your CoreBridge Parts and Modifiers of type Inventoried Part will be created as a Product in QuickBooks of type Inventory. 
  • If there is already a Product in QuickBooks with the same name as a Part or Modifier from CoreBridge, the sync will match them and not create a new one.
  • If a Product in QuickBooks matches with a CoreBridge Part or Modifier, the Product will be updated in QuickBooks to match the type in CoreBridge. If the G/L accounts associated with the Product are different between CoreBridge and QuickBooks, the CoreBridge accounts will replace the QuickBooks accounts and historical transactions on that part will reflect the current accounts and not the original accounts.

If your version of QuickBooks does not have the Track Inventory feature:

  • Your CoreBridge Parts and Modifiers of type Inventoried Part will fail during the sync because QuickBooks will not allow the Product to be created or matched.
  • Invoices using the failed parts will also fail.
  • Payments that need to post to failed invoices will also fail.

  • Refer to the next topic for solutions.


If your version of QuickBooks Online does not have the "Track Inventory" feature and your CoreBridge system has Parts or Modifiers of type Inventoried Part, there are three solutions.

  1. Upgrade QuickBooks to a version that has the "Track Inventory" feature.
  2. Submit a request to support to have all of your CoreBridge Parts and Modifiers changed to type "Service Item".
    • They will sync to QuickBooks as type "Service"
    • When creating new Parts and Modifiers in CoreBridge, you will always need to select type "Service Item". The type is not restricted when creating new records. If a new record is created as "Inventoried Part" the subsequent sync will fail. All users that have the ability to create new Parts and Modifiers should be instructed as to how to properly create one so as to not cause the sync to fail. 
  3. Use the Summary Sync instead of the Detail Sync.