What is a Work Order?

  • Work Orders contain all the necessary information to design and/or produce each product. 
  • Work Orders are based on a product by product level. Each Work Order lists all Part, Modifier, Machine, and Quantity details related to each product.
  • Work Orders can be viewed digitally or printed as a pdf. 

What is the difference between the Product View Page and the Digital Work Order?

  • The Product View Page is the same as the Digital Work Order. 
  • The printed Work Order is the pdf layout that you can print for internal use. 

Where can I view a Work Order?

  1. From the Sales, Design, and Production Queues:
    •  Expand the queue item and click the Print Work Order button. 

  2. From the Order View Page in the Sales, Design, and Production Modules there are two methods:
    1. Click the View Details link next to the Product Number. 
    2. Select the down arrow under the products tab and click Print Work Order.

      • Both options will take you to the Product View Page (Digital Work Order) where you can view, manage, or print the Work Order details.
      • Note:  The "Print All Work Order" button will ignore products that are in a voided status.

How do I update my Work Order Settings?

  1. Visit:  Management Module > Global Settings > Production Settings > Work Order tab > Adjust Default Settings. 
  2. Select from the original vertical layout, the streamlined landscape layout, or the landscape layout in Spanish.
  3. Select what will show up on the Work Order by clicking the Adjust Default Settings link.

What is included on the printed Work Order?

  • Landscape Layout 
  1. Company Name and Order Description
  2. Invoice # and Order Due Date
  3. Product Proof
  4. Order entered by, Salesperson assigned to Order, Product Due Date
  5. Product Info
  6. Part Info
  7. Additional Part Details
  8. Machine Info
  9. Modifier Info
  10. Layout Info
  11. Part Text & Notes

  • Portrait Layout
  1. Invoice Number 
  2. Contact Info
  3. Order Entry Info and Due Dates
  4. Billing Info
  5. Pickup Info
  6. Product Info
  7. Product Proof
  8. Part Info
  9. Layout Info
  10. Modifier Info
  11. Part Text
  12. Part Notes
  13. Cloned From Invoice #

  • On the last page of a Work Order in portrait layout, you can include the Material Tear Away section.