To bulk update customers at once to a different Salesperson, go to Management Module > Users and click on the user's name you wish to reassign a customer(s) from.

On the User Information tab, click on Reassign Customers and a list of current customers will appear. Here you can select if you want to reassign all customers or choose specific customers to reassign. Click Save to complete this process. This will only affect all future orders.


You can also use this process when deactivating users in CoreBridge. When deactivating users, the system administrator should consider deleting any associated alerts for the user being inactivated to prevent unwanted communication (i.e. texts, emails) from being sent out to the inactive user's email.

If you would like to change the Salesperson on an order currently in a WIP, BUILT or a COMPLETED status, please edit or view the order and select the new Salesperson.

There are two options to override the assigned Salesperson on an individual estimate or order. This can be done in order entry or on the order view page. Be sure that you have permission to Change Salesperson Assigned to an Order. 

To update the Salesperson in the Order entry, edit the Order, go to Step 1 Order Details. Click the Salesperson dropdown to find the new Salesperson you wish to assign to the Order then click Next Step > Save Order.

To update the Salesperson in the Order View page, view the Order and click on the Edit button adjacent to the Salesperson. Select the new Salesperson you wish to assign.

To update the Salesperson from the Customer page, navigate to Sales Module > Customers > Search > Settings > Update.

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