CoreBridge partners with multiple merchant service providers, allowing you to process online credit card transactions directly through the CoreBridge interface. Integrating with one of our merchant service providers will also allow your customers to process payments directly through the Customer Portal.

This article will cover the following topics.

Benefits of Integrating with Merchant Service Providers

  • By integrating with a merchant service provider, you will avoid duplicate data entry between your credit card machine and CoreBridge which speeds up workflow.
  • Because CoreBridge is cloud-based, you can accept credit card payments anywhere that you have access to the internet.
  • You can shop between the different options available to review and compare the rates that each provider is charging.
  • You can securely store customer credit card information while maintaining PCI-DSS compliance. 
  • Your customers can process online payments directly through the Customer Portal.


If you are interested in enrolling with one of our integrated merchant service providers, navigate to Management > Global Settings > Services > Enroll Now and complete the form. The merchant service provider will then reach out to you.

          1:  Clover Connect

          2:  Nexio

  • You may also reach out to CoreBridge Support at support@corebridge.net if you have any questions.

IMPORTANT NOTES:  We recommend you reach out to start the enrollment process with your merchant service provider about 2 weeks prior to needing any merchant credit card processing services. 

  • This is generally 2 weeks before you Go Live with CoreBridge. 
  • This ensures that you allow adequate time for completing the paperwork and obtaining any additional documentation that may be needed by the banks, government, etc. 
  • If you are purchasing a CoreBridge system from a customer that has been using the system previously, you will want to begin the enrollment process 2 weeks before taking ownership of CoreBridge.

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