The Purchasing Module provides you the ability to create and manage purchase orders & Vendors. POs can be created on the Order level, which links them to a specific order if desired. 

Purchase orders can also be created as general PO's through the Purchasing Module itself.

NOTE: The Purchasing Module is an optional feature. If you do not have it and wish to add it, please contact

Primary Use of this Module:  Create and manage purchase orders, view and manage vendor list, enter inventory counts.

Typical Users with access to this module:  Management team including Sales Manager, Production Manager

Key areas of this Module:  

(A) Vendors:  Search for, manage and deactivate Vendors. For more information read the Creating & Managing Vendors article.

(B) Purchase Orders:  Manage purchase orders, including the ability to edit, print or email. For more information read the Creating & Managing Purchase Orders article.

NOTE:  If you're syncing your CoreBridge data to QuickBooks Desktop, Purchase Orders created in CoreBridge can be synced to QuickBooks.

(C) Inventory: Manage your inventory, indicating the quantity you have on hand and re-order point.

NOTE:  Inventory is not automated. Inventory counts have to be updated manually in CoreBridge.