This article will guide you through performing a sync from CoreBridge to QuickBooks Online.

These steps should only be performed if you have gone through a 1st sync with a CoreBridge support agent. If a first sync has not been performed following these steps may create erroneous data in QuickBooks.


A. Authorize CoreBridge with Intuit

B. Sync Start Date

  • If this date has been set already continue to Step C

  • If you have never synced, the Sync Start Date has to be set. 
  • Summary Sync: the date of the first reconciliation that needs to sync.
  • Detail Sync: the date of the first transaction that needs to sync.

  • Reach out to CoreBridge support for help with determining the appropriate date to use.
  • If the wrong date is used you may get erroneous data recorded in QuickBooks.


  1. In CoreBridge, navigate to Accounting Module > Accounting Export > Account Setup  tab.
  2. Set the date. 
  3. There will be a message that will display briefly then go away letting you know that the date was successfully saved.
  4. Once saved you can perform a sync.

C. Perform a Sync

  1. In CoreBridge, navigate to Accounting Module > Accounting Export
  2. Click the Sync tab.
  3. Click Begin Sync.

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