This article will guide you through performing a sync from CoreBridge to QuickBooks Online.

NOTE:  You should only perform these steps if you have gone through a 1st Sync or have had a 1st Sync meeting with a CoreBridge agent. Do NOT perform these steps if you haven't gone through a 1st Sync. 

Authorize CoreBridge with Intuit

If you haven't already authorized CoreBridge with your QuickBooks Online account you'll need to do so prior to syncing. Normally, this step will already be completed as part of your 1st Sync. If the authorization has expired (see QB Online - Sync Warnings & Errors), you'll need to redo this process.

  1. Navigate to the Accounting Module, then to the Accounting Export page, then click the Setup tab.
  2. Click the Connect To QuickBooks button. A new window will open. Follow the instructions to authorize CoreBridge to sync with QuickBooks.
  3. Click on the Continue… button. This action triggers the web page to refresh. After the page refreshes, you can sync.


Performing a Sync

  1. Go to the Accounting Module.
  2. From the Accounting Export page, click the Sync tab.
  3. Click Begin Sync.