CoreBridge is intentionally designed to not allow the customer associated with an order to be changed once payment was made and reconciled. If you find yourself in a scenario where you have used the incorrect customer on an order and applied a payment to that order, you'll want to follow these steps to switch the customer:

  1. Refund the payment on the Invoice in question to an offline payment type of your choice. For more detailed information about how to refund payments in CoreBridge, please review the following support article: Entering Refunds 
  2. Clone the Invoice: Cloning Estimates or Orders
  3. On the new cloned Invoice, change the customer assigned to the order on Step 1 of order entry. After updating the customer's name save the order.
  4. Add the payment on the new cloned Invoice equal to the refund you've made on the original Invoice, using the same offline payment type you used.
  5. Void the original Invoice afterward: How to void an Order

Note: The Invoice history and Invoice # on the new order will be different than the original order.